Along with the tiki drink you will doubtless have in hand, you should also be sporting jewellery made from shells and mother of pearl beads

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No one wants to show up at a Halloween party to find they are the umpteenth "sexy cat" to walk through the door. Avoid the pitfalls of store-bought costumes by making your own at home! With some basic jewellery making supplies, you can create the showpiece for many costumes. Retailers today offer a wide selection of wooden beads, glass beads, or even Pandora styled beads that you can use in your own homemade creations!

Material Girl
The charm bracelets worn by Madonna and others in the 1980s are back! Get your material girl look by stringing together metallic bracelet jewellery with several regularly spaced dangling charms.

Native American
While wooden beads give a necklace or set of earrings an "earthy" look, the Native Americans have used glass beads in their beadwork for hundreds of years - glass beads were one of the staple trade goods they bartered with the Europeans for since first contact. For an authentic look, use tiny beads in a repeating abstract geometric pattern. Don't be afraid to mix both wooden beads and glass beads and to decorate not just jewellery, but accessories like shoes, jackets, and purses.

While the word "tribal" references the natives mentioned above, it's more of a sensibility than an actual particular tribe. Wooden beads and glass beads in blacks, browns, and reds, arranged in high-contrast geometric patterns on jewellery characterize this  Cheap Pandora Bracelets style. Stone chip beads are also an excellent choice for this look.

The key to a good flapper necklace is length. For your jewellery making supplies, select one type of bead - black or white glass beads usually work best - and make a very long necklace. The necklace should hang all the way to your waist and should have weight and swing to it - since it will help you show of your shimmy, just like the shag on your flapper dress!

Along with a lot of black eyeliner, you should grab lots and lots of gold beads. By tying several different lengths of Louis Vuitton Outlet  necklaces into the same clasp, you can create a cascaded bundle. The beads you select for this should have weight, as Cleopatra's jewellery should look like liquid gold pouring over her neck and arms.

You'll need a lot of jewellery making supplies for this one - get lots of wooden beads and glass beads in a wide variety of colours. Mix them together in the most psychedelic way possible on several long strands. Don't be afraid to mix in shell beads or other oddly-shaped touches.The 70s were the decade of excess!

Island Girl
Along with the tiki drink you will doubtless have in hand, you should also be sporting jewellery made from shells and mother of pearl beads. Stay away from anything synthetic or plastic-looking. Beads that look like pearls are a nice touch, but don't go for  Pandora Jewellery UK a whole string. Mix them with other textures. Think driftwood, oysters, and anything washed up by the warm Pacific seas.

In case you don't recall, Na'vi are those blue people from the Avatar movie. You can use Pandora styled beads to create authentic looking Na'vi style jewellery. Look for purple-blue coloured beads with black swirls. You can even match your face paint to your jewellery. Remember: blue is beautiful!

Disney Fairy
For the young or young at heart! You may recall that each of Tinker Bell and her friends has a different colour associated with them. Pick out your jewellery making supplies in accordance with the fairy of your choice - Tinker Bell is always in green, light fairies  Louis Vuitton Pelletteria Iridessa and and Fira wear sunflower gold, for Rosetta wear red beads, Fawn is in Tiger Lily orange, Silvermist wears blue jewellery, and the dark Vidia is decked in purple.

John Davis is a diamond and glass bead expert at Beaded Link is resource for Beads and Jewellery Making Supplies.

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