Banana skin contains a kind of substance which can restrict the reproduction of bacteria and fung

10/04/2012 11:40

Bananas can not only provide human body with abundant nutrients and various kinds of vitamin, but also make your skin tender, eyes bright, energy rich and life longer. Besides this, bananas also have many other kinds of functions that are unknown to you.

1. To Reduce Serum Cholesterol Level

High cholesterol can cause coronary heart disease. The fruit stem Tiffany Cufflinks  of bananas can help to reduce cholesterol levels. People with high cholesterol can get 50 kilograms of banana stem and then cut them into slices. Soak these slices into boiled water and then drink the water. You can do this 10-20 days successively. This will help you to reduce cholesterol level

2. To Prevent and Cure Gastric Ulcer

Banana contains a kind of medical substance which can prevent gastric ulcer. It  Tiffany Rings Sale can simulate the growth and reproduction of mucous cells, thus to produce much more mucous membrane to protect the stomach.

3. Treat High Blood Pressure

People who have high pressure and cardiac and cerebral vascular diseases often have more sodium than kalium, while banana contains large amount of potassium ions, which can effectively restrict the negative effects of sodium ions.  Tiffany Keys These negative effects consist of vasoconstriction and damaging cardiovascular. Eating bananas can help to maintain the balance between sodium and kalium. Therefore, to have 3 to 5 bananas each day brings benefits to people with high blood pressure and cardiac and cerebral diseases.

4. To Treat Melanchonia

Banana contains a substance which can help human brain to produce 6-hydroxytryptamine, which make people be happy, lively and cheerful. People with melancholia are suggested to eat bananas frequently to avoid being depressed, pessimistic and disappointed.

5. To Treat Pruritus Cutanea

Banana skin contains a kind of substance which can restrict the reproduction of bacteria and fungi.  Tiffany Rings Cheap Experiment shows that banana skin can cure pruritus cutanea and beriberi caused by bacteria and fungi. The effectiveness is excellent.

6. To Treat Cough

Banana has a good effectiveness when it is used to treat cough. People who cough with lung heat can use one or two bananas to stew with crystal sugar, one or two times a day.

7. To Help to Lose Weight

As the content of starch in banana is very high, so it will make you easily feel full if you take  Tiffany Discount in several bananas. In addition, it takes time for starch to transmit into sugar, so there will not be much energy remained. Thus, bananas can be treated as food which can help to lose weight.

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