Diamonds are well known around the world as the most beautiful of our precious gems.

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Diamonds are well known around the world as the most beautiful of our precious gems. They are the ultimate symbols of romance, love and commitment.

With the variety of sizes, designs and colors, the search for diamond jewelry can be overwhelming. Do your research and arm yourself with some background information before you begin to shop. Having a general understanding of what to look for will go a long way when you are ready to choose that perfect piece.

The Four C's

How do you find diamond jewelry that feels right for you, emotionally and financially? Cheap Tiffany  You need to become familiar with the four C's.


Cut gives the diamond its brilliance. It is about the number of sides in a diamond and is the most important factor in assessing the stone's beauty. Cut refers to the precise proportion and dimensions of the finished diamond.

A properly cut diamond allows light to enter and be refracted, creating its brilliance. If cut too shallow or deep, your stone will look dull and lifeless. When well cut, it has more color and clarity. As a result, it appears larger and of a better Tiffany Keys  grade than it actually is.


To the naked eye, most diamonds appear colorless, but they do have very subtle shades of color. Experts use the letters D (colorless) to Z (light yellow) to designate the color.

A colorless diamond is chemically pure and structurally perfect. As it is transparent, it produces the most amount of brilliance and tends to be the most expensive of all.

Most natural diamonds however are imperfect. The color is created by chemical impurities or structural defects in the stone's crystal pattern. It causes a yellowish to brownish tint. There are also blue or pink diamonds and they are considered even more desirable and can command some very high prices. Gemologists label diamonds with unusual or intense colors as 'fancy' diamonds and they have their own rating system.


The natural imperfections in diamonds are called inclusions. They are minerals or crystals that are trapped inside the stone, and determine the clarity of the stone.

Nearly all stones have characteristic 'birthmarks' which make them unique and identifiable.  Tiffany Watches
These imperfections are graded and their value is determined: from IF (internally flawless); VVS (very, very slight inclusions); all the way down to (I) (visible inclusions).


This is the measurement of a diamond's weight. One carat is 200 milligrams. The point unit (0.01 carat or 2 milligrams) measurement is used on stones of less than one carat. Total carat weight (TCW) is used when referring to the total mass of the stones in a piece of jewelry.

Normally, the price per carat increases with carat weight as larger diamonds are more rare and consequently more desirable. However, carat weights are not the final arbiter of value. A smaller stone with better color and clarity will fetch a better price than a larger one with poor color and clarity.

Here are some useful tips which could help you in choosing the right diamond for you or your beloved.

Your Budget

Whenever you are buying a gift, an engagement ring or anniversary present, always think about how much you can afford and are willing to spend. It is never a good idea to purchase something which would eventually cause you to run into major financial debt.


Internet websites are great sources of information when determining what kind of cut would be ideal. Start by researching different cuts and preferences. This way you can get a good idea on what you are partial to and how much it would cost.

Ring Band, Craftsmanship And Design

Consider the type of metal band design and overall craftsmanship used for the ring. Metal bands consist of yellow gold, white gold, titanium or platinum at various price points.

Trusted Jeweler

Ask your family and friend's opinions about where to buy your diamond gift. There are large national chains with considerable inventory's and there are local jewelers within your community that may have custom pieces and do made to  Tiffany Sets order creations as well. Do your homework and look for jewelers who are members of the American Gem Society and other similar reputable organizations.

It's Not Just The Jewelry

When buying diamond jewelry or any other precious gem, always check the return policy. There are some retailers who would sell jewels at a low cost, only to find out that they cannot be returned. Aside from that, always make sure that the diamond you will be buying comes with a lab grading report or certificate.

Choosing the diamond jewelry of your dreams actually boils down to your attraction to a particular stone and its characteristics. Knowing the four C's is important for future assessments, insurance and of course, ensuring the quality of what you are buying.

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