You don't need the budget of a megastar in order to dress like one

14/06/2012 11:26

Love the look. Hate the price.
You don't need the budget of a megastar in order to dress like one. You just have to shop smart.

Stars look fabulous because they have their personal stylists to make sure they look amazing all the time. That is done by

choosing the right clothes and accessories that flatters the wearer herself.  Tiffany Cufflinks Outfits are put together specifically based on what

looks good on the wearer, not on someone else.

The trick is to know what suits you best. First, get to know yourself. Find out which colors make you look radiant. Which make

you look all washed out. Wear only the ones that make you look radiant and  Tiffany On Sale avoid the ones that make you look sickly, like plague.

Next, get to know your figure type. Are you angular or curvy?
Are you top heavy, bottom heavy or a balanced hourglass?

Take note of which clothing shapes flatter you and wear only the ones that make you look your very best.

Base your personal style on your coloring and shape and get only the clothing that fit both criteria. That way, you spend less

money because you will buy fewer items and will wear the ones that you buy more frequently, to a more fabulous effect.

Instead of wasting money on clothes that make you look terrible, that you Tiffany Rings Sale  might wear only once, and take it off after seeing how

you look in the mirror, you now have more money to spend on the few key pieces that make you look terrific.

What about bling?

Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Glamorous celebs sashay down the red carpet wearing dazzling jewels.

A stunning necklace can turn a plain outfit into something utterly glamorous.

Your gorgeous new dress is not complete without a pair of beautiful earrings.

Tiffany is to die for. David Yurman rocks. Those gorgeous designs are made of Tiffany Bangles  diamonds set in platinum. Beautiful but very


Do you really need to buy diamonds and platinums from the most expensive jewellers for those stunning designs? Semi precious

stones should do the trick. Or if you want bling, try cubic zirconia set in silver.

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