The outfit would have to be flared black cuff pants

25/05/2012 10:49

The Marni Paillette Embellished Bag is the ultimate dress-up or dress-down handbag. It would go easily with a pair of jeans, a pantsuit, or semi-formal. What I really like about the handbag is that it has an interesting mix of fancy (I never use that word - in this case it is not grandma) with a hint of hardcore. The strap with the rivets  Louis Vuitton Travel and closure hardware pull it together. The handbag could be carried as an everyday bag if it were the right person. Not everyone could pull this off....

The outfit would have to be flared black cuff pants, matte black pointed heels, a white t-shirt and a short jacket. High waisted pants, a skull necklace and  Louis Vuitton Clutcheschunky jewelry would be perfect. The Marni Paillette Embellished handbag would have to be the shiniest item in the outfit.

One way this handbag would really be accented would be with red Lanvin wedge heels and Chanel black nail polish - this would work great with a Corum Pirate watch or a Gucci black sport watch and a big fat DeBeers carat ring - any color would  Louis Vuitton Handbags Cheap do but a ruby would work wonders.

Even more interesting would be the Marni Paillette Embellished Bag with a bikini in Vegas - black bikini, black wedge Donald J. Pliner shoes, vintage black  Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags sunglasses and of course, the Debeers carat ring and earrings....if you need color get it from your cocktail.

The best option of all would be to wear this handbag like you paid one hundred bucks for it - like you have so many handbags your Marni Paillette  Louis Vuitton Men Bags Sale Embellished Bag is for the grocery store - that is when you would really give this bag a run for its money....drop it on the ground, wack the meter man with it, just don't act like it's fancy.

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