These light fixtures have been designed and produced by famous manufactures who can assure nothing but the very best

29/06/2012 17:22

Desk lamps fall into the category of illumination fixtures, and you can have them set up in your reading corners, or study

table, or office desks. They provide enough light on the place Tiffany Sets  where you need to work, and yet disperse very little of it so

that other people in the room are not affected.

You can go online to find out the various lighting fixtures that might help you meet your need. These light fixtures have been

designed and produced by famous manufactures who can assure nothing but the very best. You can opt for lights in your kitchen,

or living room, or even a foyer. You can also visit the online websites to Tiffany Rings Sale  choose lights for your landscape.

You can hire some lighting experts who can share with you some important and handy tips so that you can make your residential

area a place for peace and content.

If you thought that choosing lighting fixtures is a five minute job, you could not have been more wrong. Choosing decorative

lamps is just like choosing the furniture in your home, and you have to buy products that match and complement the theme and

style of the place. If the architecture is more antique in its look, you should go for lamp shades that are decorative and

traditional. If your house inclines more towards the more modern look Tiffany Charms  and feel, then get fixtures that blend ultra serenity with

ultra modernity. If you are lost in the sea when it comes to being little creative, you can always turn to the manufacturers for


Lauren Tyler is the founder of, a speciality home lighting Tiffany On Sale  store that specialises in selling beautiful

decorative table lamps  for your home.

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Make ten humans actualize their actual own Pandora bracelets and you may accept 10 characteristic designs

28/06/2012 17:24

Pandora adornment authoritative activate out in Denmark with the being alleged Enevoldsen. Enevoldsen was a goldsmith and he and the wife advised planning and aswell business adornment created from chaplet as  Pandora Bracelets Cheap able-bodied as charms. This is in actuality the accomplishments apropos Pandora adornment making.

As time passes, individuals who followed the address of Pandora adornment authoritative absitively to analysis added application the articles they could get their easily on. In the absolute times, Pandora charms are usually created from  Cheap Pandora Jewellery abundant articles from argent to gold, to adored gemstones and some as appropriate as Murano glass.

The acceptance of the Pandora chaplet and bracelets is the actuality that you can appearance them any way you want. Make ten humans actualize their actual own Pandora bracelets and you may accept 10 characteristic designs. Accept the aforementioned association focus on it the next day and you may accept 10 a lot added characteristic styles. While application Pandora chaplet and aswell bracelets, it is accessible to actualize your claimed different section apropos jewelry.

Try this access if you go out and buy Pandora bracelets. You can buy as a accomplished or conceivably you are able to buy Pandora chaplet  Pandora Glass Beads section by piece. It is accessible to abolish the accurate chaplet of the Pandora bracelets you just purchased and abode it calm afresh in any way you wish it. You accept produced some affair absolutely new central a advance of just minutes. This enhances your own creativity, it's agitative as able-bodied as you'll accept a contemporary adornment by the end of the procedure.

A lot of individuals apparent about the amazing aspect of the Pandora jewelries and it is accessible to alone accept how brusque the appeal for it skyrocketed. Pandora Gold Beads The manufacturers of the Pandora chaplet and Pandora bracelets began to consign their accurate items all over the globe. With its reputation, individuals now activate to appraise the acumen why it was accepted as Pandora. It was may be due to the actuality in which anniversary and every section accept their own appropriate identification.

Also aural the Usa, the Pandora agitation went there through surprise. Plenty of humans are usually into acquisition Pandora charms and some aswell Pandora Charms  gathers their acutely claimed adored metal Pandora bracelets. You will no best anguish about accepting the aforementioned account associated with adornment because added association because Pandora adornment piecies can be alone artlessly for a person.

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Even if you tell your buyers that the fake Coach handbag is a fake, you are still engaging in the trafficking of counterfeit goods.

27/06/2012 16:22

Vous pouvez écrire ici...

There is no doubt that the market for designer handbags is huge. Every year millions and millions of dollars are spent by people seeking to own part of an image. The image of taste, style, and distinction is exactly what designer manufacturers are selling. Largely speaking, high-end designer handbags are of impeccable quality, durability, and style. Unfortunately, there are many manufacturers  Louis Vuitton Handbags Sale that have developed the technology and purchased the same equipment used by the high-end designers in order to reproduce, with remarkable detail, the same high-end designer bags.

Since the companies who are stealing trademarks and profits from the high-end designers are not declaring themselves as such, there is no way for a consumer to know exactly what went Louis Vuitton Bags Cheap   into the manufacturing of these designer handbags. The market for "designer replica bags" is legitimate, or least it is legal, but the manufacturers who are passing off their rip-off bags as authentic are the problem.

Who' Cares if I buy a Designer Knock-Off? No One Is getting Hurt, Right

Some consumers simply do not care if the handbag is authentic so long as it looks to be so. The argument goes, who is being hurt if I buy a fake Louis Vuitton or a fake Hermes bag? Aside from the obvious profits which are lost by the designers, that is a very good question. Who is being hurt by the manufacturer of these designer knockoff handbags?

The truth is, since these are organizations engaged in criminal activity, we can not know. There have been suggestions that the knockoff designer handbag market engages in child labor abuses. It has also been suggested that some of the funds generated by counterfeit operations  Louis Vuitton Womens Bags Sale funds terrorism, though I have not found any specific information to confirm that. Without a doubt, the funds are being used to fund criminal.

Gray Market v. Black Market Goods

Even handbags which are authentic can be sold illegally. It is referred to as "gray market goods". These products are authentic; however, they are not authorized to be sold the way they are Louis Vuitton Men Bag UK  being sold. Goods that are stolen or smuggled are sold often on the Internet, sometimes on eBay. Selling great market goods is illegal just as if it is illegal to sell counterfeit goods. It does not matter if the seller knows if the goods were not obtained through licensed channels.

Designer Inspired Handbags

Designer inspired handbags, on the other hand, are copying the general look and feel of the original designer bags but make obvious efforts to ensure that these bags would never be mistaken for the original designer handbag. Selling designer inspired handbags is legal but remember that you are not allowed to mention the name of the designer from which the design is inspired by.

Declaring your Fakes as Fakes

It is also illegal to sell counterfeit goods even if you declare them as such. The reason for this is that if the manufacturer has replicated the logo or other trademarked design features  Louis Vuitton Outlet Sale and then in that bag is counterfeit as opposed to "designer inspired". Even if you tell your buyers that the fake Coach handbag is a fake, you are still engaging in the trafficking of counterfeit goods.

If you are planning or already are selling high-end designer wholesale handbags, it is imperative that you know your sources. Selling counterfeit goods as authentic on eBay will get you banned at best. At worst you could have a visit from the FBI knocking on your door seizing your entire inventory and possibly taking you to jail. This would be a worst-case scenario, but it has happened.

If you are tired of searching for legitimate sources of authentic designer handbags, learn more about obtaining designer handbags at Buy Authentic Bags.

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the Pandora charm bracelet offers you so much in a rather small piece. It is surely a favorite among kids from 4 to 92. Because of the variety of the charm

26/06/2012 17:21

Just like the myth wherein Pandora opened a tiny box full of surprises, the Pandora charm bracelet offers you so much in a rather small piece. It is surely a favorite among kids from 4 to 92. Because of the variety of the charms, you can freely choose the ones which represent special things in your life and truly make the bracelet sentimental and valuable.

Choosing Your Charm

There are virtually thousands of different Pandora charms and beads  Pandora Dangle Beads available when you're choosing a Pandora charm bracelet. Almost all of these are handcrafted while some are one of a kind. Dealers and manufacturers most likely have a brochure wherein you can see all the designs, colors and patterns. You may also want to have custom-made charms and beads to add uniqueness and special meaning to your bracelet.

You may be thrilled to know that most Pandora bracelets come with interchangeable charms and beads. This means that you can wear the same bracelet day in and day out and still look fabulous and new by simply swapping charms and beads. Even if your bracelet can hold only around 5 to 8 tiny pieces, you're still free to choose and keep as many as you want for future use. The interchangeable charms are usually screwed into the bracelet or have a locking mechanism. Other bracelets have permanent soldered charms.

The Charms

Charms can be made from various materials but the most popular ones are gold and silver ranging anywhere from 14 to 24 karats. Some of the featured designs are animals like a penguin, dolphin or ram. There are also women's favorites  Pandora Beads like hearts, stars, half moons and shoes. Men can safely wear the Pandora charm bracelets sporting patterns like golf clubs, hats and horses. These are all waterproof and never tarnish or corrode over time.

If you're buying all the charms and a starter bracelet from the same source, you won't really have a problem attaching the pieces in place since all of these should be compatible with each other. It is possible for you to acquire more  Cheap Pandora Bracelets charms from other manufacturers but you have to make sure that the charms can securely and properly be fastened onto the bracelet. Some manufacturers prefer buyers to wear only charms that they made by devising a unique charm key that works with the charms or bracelet links during attachment.

The Bracelet

Pandora charm bracelets almost always have a chain link design so that charms can easily be fitted. This is also an advantage in terms of size since you can easily add or remove a link or two to perfectly suit your wrist. Each link measures anywhere Cheap Pandora Charms  from 7 to 13 mm. You can purchase additional links from dealers and also have them install more or interchange charms. Some dealers offer a starter set which includes the chain link bracelet, 5 charms, extra links, a tiny screwdriver, screws, bracelet bag and box.

The Pandora charm bracelet never rusts nor tarnishes but you can clean it effectively once every two weeks or so with a jeweler's cloth. Bathing with your bracelet on will also help maintain its luster. The bracelets can cost around $35 to $750  Pandora Jewelry Sale depending on the kind of metal and manufacturer. Each charm costs around $8 to $80 which also depends on the kind of metal, size and design.

Susan Barcelon is a successful Webmaster and publisher of She provides more resources on topics such as discount tennis bracelets , personalized silicone bracelet  and magnetic copper bracelets that you can research on her website even while lounging in your living room.

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A advanced array of adornment can be begin actuality at Tiffany including marriage bands, earrings

25/06/2012 14:52

The top end adornment and apparatus aggregation Tiffany and Co. was begin on 18th September 1837 in the admirable city-limits of New York. With an estimated assets Tiffany Money Clips  of about 3 billion US dollars this aggregation is one of its kind.

Tiffany is a aggregation which deals in assorted articles such as diamonds, tableware, apparatus and added accessories. The a lot of arresting analysis of their business though, is the Tiffany adornment division.

Tiffany & Co. was begin by Charles Lewis Tiffany. A lot of of the humans will acquisition it harder to accept that the aggregation alone generated 4.98 US dollars on the aboriginal day of business. Searching at those abstracts I'm abiding no one would accept anticipation about breadth this aggregation would be in 21st Century. Tiffany started breeding apple acclaim afterwards accepting jewels from the French acme in 1887. It was if the abundant affiliation amid Charles Lewis Tiffany and John Young happened.

A advanced array of adornment can be begin actuality at Tiffany including marriage bands, earrings, anniversary rings, charms, bracelets, pendants and Tiffany crosses. The acceptable affair about Tiffany is that it keeps on abacus new ambit to its archive on connected basis. Another accession to the ambit of Business ability are the allowance cards, business ability and custom-designed awards and trophies.

Tiffany is home to a advanced ambit of collections including Frank Gehry, Elsa Peretti, Jean Schlumberger, etc. to name a few designs.

Having set the accepted in watch accomplishment for over 150 years the watches from Tiffany attending astonishing. There are watches both for men and women fabricated of stainless steel, Peerless Tiffany architecture and Pedigree Swiss mechanics

The aggregation not alone deals in adornment but one can aswell acquisition a advanced ambit of accomplished fragrances here. It incorporates a abundant ambit Tiffany Bracelets  of fragrances for men and women such as Tiffany for men, Pure Tiffany and Tiffany Perfume. This is a absolute abode for anyone who is searching for some accomplished and alien fragrances.

Tiffany & Co. aswell provides a absurd befalling for brides and grooms with an Online Bridal Registry. This is something which makes it actual acceptable for brides and grooms to annals for the marriage ability that they are accommodating to choose.

The Tiffany flagship abundance is amid in New York back 1940. There are added 63 food amid in added locations of the United States accoutrement a absolute breadth of 486,000 sq. feet. Although, Tiffany & Co. has a massive advantage in United States but that is not all. Tiffany aswell holds food internationally including the food in London, Dublin, Madrid, Kuala Lumpur and Perth.

One can aswell acquirement the Tiffany adornment online. The aggregation understands the ascent change in online arcade and accordingly it provides a actual absolute and convenient online archive which can be acclimated to accept any Tiffany Key Rings blazon of adornment and added items. Currently, there is a abundant befalling to adore adulatory shipment in United States on all orders of $175 or more.

Since 1837, Tiffany and Co. has been the world's arch  Tiffany On Sale jeweler and America's abode of design. There is no bigger best again Tiffany for the occasions that amount the a lot of in your life.

Lindal Leon writes about the things she has researched, bought. She loves administration the advice calm from all the time spent from traveling annular boutique to boutique as able-bodied as on the internet.

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A few Tiffany Jewelry with the mark of 950, which means it contains more sterling silver with less alloy.

21/06/2012 10:29

As one of the most popular jewelry, Tiffany & Co. jewelry is being as the must have item for the fashionable woman in any corner of the world. However, the replica Tiffany  Tiffany Cufflinks  Jewelry comes out with the fasted speed as the rapid popularity of the real ones in the fashion world. I'd like to share with you with some new tips, although you must have got some tips to recognize the authentic jewelry.

You can find almost all the silver jewelry comes with graven marks or stickers when you buy it, which tells people the country of origin or the metal components of the Tiffany  Tiffany On Sale  Jewelry you want to buy. Generally, the stickers with the jewelry offer the more detailed illustration of producing date, functions, installation process, attentions, suggested market price and so on. To identify the marks on the jewelry not only can help you to get the real ones easily, but also can show you the jewelry is new or vintage.

Usually, the marks of Tiffany Jewelry are very small, which may tell you the story about the jewelry or even some romantic love story related with it. Some marks come with trademark or number code, which imply some important information about the jewelry.

Do you know what the meaning of the mark of 92.5 on the Tiffany Jewelry is? It is the silver standard in the US which gives the silver content. That means the silver is made of 92.5  Tiffany Bangles  percent sterling silver and 7.5 percent alloy which can make the jewelry much more durable. In the Tiffany Jewelry store, all the jewelry has the mark of the brand logo "Tiffany & Co." and others have the graven 92.5 mark inside of the rings, charms or bangles, the clasp of necklaces or bracelets. The jewelry without any marks must be unreal ones. And the mark often is marked as.925.

A few Tiffany Jewelry with the mark of 950, which means it contains more sterling silver with less alloy. You can also check the marks from the official store carefully to recognize the real jewelry.  Tiffany Rings SaleDo not forget to get the invoice from the seller when you buy it. Most probably, the seller doesn't have the invoice for the fake ones. invites people to buy Tiffany jewelry  at the lowest price. We also offer you to purchase the most fashionable Tiffany & Co. jewelry from, we are assured that all these jewelry will fit you perfectly.

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The bulk of vitamin C independent in 200 grams of banknote is alert as that independent in an orange.

20/06/2012 16:32

Most of us are accustomed with cabbage. But what affectionate of advantages it has? Here I acquaint eight above advantages of agrarian banknote to you.

1. Advice to physique up physique

There are assorted kinds of banknote such as headed cabbage, alarm cabbage Tiffany Rings , broccoli etc. It is the a lot of accepted vegetable. Banknote can advice to physique up our anatomy and accomplish people's vitality.

2. Maintain bloom and advance immunity

The bulk of vitamin C independent in 200 grams of banknote is alert as that independent in an orange. In addition, this affectionate of vegetable can accommodate animal physique with a assertive bulk of anti-oxidant such as vitamin E and vitamin A. these kinds of aspect can assure the physique Tiffany Earrings from getting damaged by chargeless radicals and are accessible to the about-face of cells.

3. Amusement derma diseases

Cabbage contains abounding sulfur aspect which can annihilate virus and anticipate itching. Appropriately it can be acclimated to amusement some derma diseases.  Tiffany Necklaces Therefore, to eat banknote generally is benign to the bloom of skin.

4. Anticipate tumor

Researchers begin that to alcohol a cup of yogurt while bistro banknote can anticipate bump because banknote contains a affectionate of actinic actuality which can bind the development of bump beef already it is fermented.

5. Keep acceptable mood

Cabbage contains tryptophan which is a basic of protein. This affectionate of actuality can advice to calm down nerves. And advance the assembly of 5-hydroxytryptamine which can Cheap Tiffany Jewelry  accomplish humans feel happy. In addition, banknote aswell contains a baby bulk of selenium which can accomplish humans happy.

6. Supplement cellulose

Everybody who eats banknote can calmly accommodated the body's appeal of cellulose. Banknote contains affluent artificial which can advance the action of belly and stomach, appropriately to abate the akin of cholesterol.

7. Supplement mineral actuality and trace elements

Cabbage contains abounding mineral substances and trace aspect a part of which kalium can adapt the bulk of baptize central animal physique and to abolish the adulteration and wastes out of animal body. it aswell contains affluent magnesium which is not alone acceptable for academician but aswell advance one's energy.

8. To abate deepening and abate pain

Cabbage can not alone abate deepening but aswell abate affliction in joints or throats. Therefore, humans who ache from arthritis can yield in this affectionate of aliment often.

He He Jian is bedeviled with a abundant appearance blog, area assorted account and advice about these hottest accessories are provided, such as abatement Tiffany jewelry, Cartier, bargain Christian Louboutin top heel shoes, GHD, etc

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Its existence on earth shows off a woman's feminine nature and her personality

19/06/2012 14:55

The history of Pandora beads dates back to Greek times and the story that is inspired by the myth about when Pandora's Box was opened is a very famous one. This story surrounds a woman who was created by god  Pandora Jewelry Sale  and sent down to earth to punish mankind for the creation of fire. She was accompanied by a box which was given to her by god. The most intriguing part of the story is that she was forbidden to open the box. However, her curiosity came to its height and until one day she could resist no more and eventually she opened it. The box had evil inside it and  Cheap Pandora Charms when it was opened all the bad things came out and the only thing left inside was hope.

Pandora charms signify the hope that was let inside the box. The dignity of these charms and their capability to stand out from the rest of its kind has made them a symbol of attitude and magnificence. There are many designs and ways through which women can personalise them and can wear them depending on their style or their mood, or depending on the occasion.

Pandora charms brought with them a new way to wear jewellery. Its existence on earth shows off a woman's feminine nature and her personality. Bracelets are usually  Cheap Pandora Bracelets sectioned into three and then filled with the beautiful charms to highlight their interesting design.

Nowadays the use of these charms is very popular among all classes of women. There are numerous options for women of every style and to suit every budget. A woman has emphasised the used of Pandora beads because of its unbelievable versatility. There are a few organisations that donate a part of the profits of their sales of these exquisite pieces of jewellery to charity.

Whether the charms are on necklaces, bracelets, or earrings they will always bring elegance to the wearer. Imagination plays a very vital role for the customisation  Pandora Beads of these charms since the right kind of modern designs and cuts can enable any woman to look ravishing, playful and beautiful.

However the use of Pandora beads is not limited to jewellery and body decorating items. Many industries have started using them in home furnishings too on things like doorknobs and Chinese lamps which brings a splendid look to the home. Collecting jewellery made up of Pandora beads has also been adopted as a hobby for many women. Rather than buying expensive jewellery made up of the beads, you could just purchase the beads and assemble a beautiful ornament yourself.

There are many stores that offer Pandora beads, however if there are none within your reach, try searching for them online. With hundreds of online catalogues and a Pandora Dangle Beads  wide variety of websites to choose from online shopping can be great fun.

Managing the aclickahead writers team is the major activity Aya Wilkinson performing these days. She is expert in writing on Corporate Gifts. Besides handsome professional experience being a leading writer on Pandora beads

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If consumers do take to a product then with the right marketing in place, the opportunities are out there

18/06/2012 10:55

There are many items of jewelery that are created and designed each and every year but only a handful of these actually hit the market. This is because there are so many companies designing new and innovative products that  Pandora Charms Australia retailers have to be very selective over which companies they go with. Only the best ones make it to the market. Retailers need to decide which ones they think will make it. This is not to say however, that all companies with new and innovative products will in fact make it big. It really does depend on the how the new products are perceived and how well known that product becomes.

If consumers do take to a product then with the right marketing in place, the opportunities are out there. One company that has made it to the big time is Pandora Bracelets Australia Pandora. Pandora started out in a small basement in Copenhagen just over 25 years ago. It has since become an international success story and no-one would have ever envisaged the brand becoming so big.

There is much talk about Pandora at the moment but just what exactly is it? The Pandora range consists of an enormous amount of charms, beads and accessories that customers can customise and really make them into their own. The first thing to do is to buy either a bracelet or a necklace. Next, consumers choose what they want on their bracelet or necklace. There are thousands of different combinations for them to choose from so having an identical bracelet to one of their mates is extremely Pandora Beads Stones unlikely. Having bought their bracelet or necklace and then having bought a few charms, beads and/or accessories, they can show off their own Pandora jewelery and boast to their mates about it.

Pandora is suitable for just about anyone. This is true for both men and women, young and old. This is because each person can create their own Pandora bracelet or necklace, so they can customise it to their own personal preference. Pandora is  Pandora Beads Australia also a great present to give to someone else. By giving someone Pandora jewellery, it gives them the opportunity to add to it in the future should they wish.

Pandora has already become a huge success internationally and is fast becoming a huge success in the UK too. Anyone retailer investing time and effort into Pandora jewellery is definitely one that appreciates the benefits of owning Pandora jewellery Pandora Australia . Pandora can only continue to be a great success!

The author works for Ernest Jones and Pandora can be found at Ernest Jones

Pandora Jewellery at Ernest Jones.

Pandora News at Ernest Jones.

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In that case, stick to classic jewelry like pearls, diamonds and yellow gold

15/06/2012 16:13

You've pored through prom magazines, hit all the hot shops and finally selected the perfect prom dress. Your shoes are gorgeous. Your date is too. You know how you'll wear your hair and makeup, and you've booked your limo and decided which after-party to attend. But have you  Tiffany On Sale thought about your prom jewelry? If you're like many girls, the answer is probably no.

Why is prom jewelry an afterthought for so many? Even prom checklists published in major magazines rarely include jewelry in their 'To Do' timelines. Strange, because jewelry can make or break your look. Think Audrey Hepburn in  Tiffany Charms Breakfast at Tiffany's: Holly Golightly would have looked decidedly naked without her beautiful multi-strand pearl necklace!

When choosing the perfect prom jewelry, which, ideally, you should do weeks before your big night, there are a few things to consider. First, what style is your dress? Second, how will you wear your hair? And third, what's your personal style? Finally, you'll need to work within a budget that makes sense (unless you've been saving your babysitting money since you were 11).

Your Prom Dress

This year's prom dresses are all about vibrant colors--bold silvery metallics and jewel tones are everywhere, and designers have shown them off dramatically on two key dress styles: the strapless and the plunging neckline. Your jewelry choice is clear here: Bold pieces are the only way to carry bold dresses. Think chandelier earrings, oversize cocktail rings, and wide cuff bracelets. One exception: Delicate pendants are hot right now, and they can work with a bold style if you pair them with dramatic earrings or a big bracelet in a similar style. For example, a lavender pearl pendant set with white gold will look stunning with a lavender or white gold cuff.

Keep things simple and keep in mind that you should choose pieces that will complement your look. For example, if you're wearing a simple strapless sheath in a bold color, you want to accessorize with a bold piece of jewelry. But don't overwhelm your look with jewelry in the same color as your dress--that's too much of a good thing. Pick one or two standout pieces--both diamond jewelry and pearl jewelry will look stunning against jewel tones or metallics--such as chandelier earrings and a cocktail ring, or earrings and a cuff. Don't do a bold necklace and chandelier earrings, however; that's too much bling too close together.

Of course, you might choose to go with a soft and romantic dress instead of the season's bold styles. In that case, stick to classic jewelry like pearls, diamonds and yellow gold. Consider wearing several styles for a modern look. Layer long, thin gold chain necklaces with shorter pearl strands, or wrap multiple pearl strands and gold chains around your wrist. These options are gorgeous and fresh.

Your Prom Hairstyle

If your hair is short or you'll be wearing an updo, the sky's the limit as far as prom earrings go. You can do a dainty stud--pearl studs and diamond studs always look classic--delicate hoops, or a long chandelier-style earring. Remember, if you choose a chandelier earring, keep your necklace simple, or don't wear one at all. If you choose studs or small hoops you can get away with a big bold necklace, like gobstopper  Tiffany Rings Sale  size faux pearls or big, chunky gemstones, or you can try the layered look. If your hair is long and you'll be wearing it down, chandelier earrings are your best bet--it's the only style people will actually see, and, luckily, as you've learned, chandelier earrings are all the rage this year. Just keep flowers and other adornments out of your hair so you won't overwhelm your look. Remember, less is more!

Your Personal Style

If your style is more goth than Vogue, for Pete's sake don't get talked into wearing your grandmother's dainty pearl necklace, your mother's diamond pendant, or something that just isn't you. After all, this is your big night, and you'll have the pictures forever to remind you. Stay true to who you are and you'll look and feel like a prom queen no matter how the voting goes.

Go Shopping

Now that you've examined your dress, your hair and your personal style and decided on the prom jewelry that will best accessorize your look, it's time to go shopping. You can always hit the mall, but your best bet is to go online (unless you can raid your mother's or sister's jewelry box). Sites that allow you to comparison shop will let you find the pieces you love that fit into your budget. Or you can use a search engine to return multiple sites that have, say, pearl stud earrings and narrow it down by color, price, etc. Shopping online allows you to view pearl prom jewelry such as pearl pendants, chandelier earrings, cuff bracelets and the like in just about every price bracket. It also saves time. One caveat: Only purchase jewelry from trusted stores--sites that clearly post their phone number and address and have a Verisign or other secure shopping  Tiffany Sets logo. Before you buy, also check out return policies in case something is wrong with the jewelry or you just don't like it. Many sites offer free shipping, too, which is a plus. Make sure you order in time for prom.

Last point to keep in mind when you're buying prom jewelry: Unlike your prom dress or dyed shoes, jewelry is something you will wear throughout your life and maybe even pass down to a daughter or granddaughter. So if you splurge a bit on, say, a classic piece such as a white pearl necklace, don't worry, you will definitely have countless opportunities to wear it throughout your life. Don't overspend on trendy pieces, though. They're not worth the investment. A big faux emerald cocktail ring probably won't be in fashion forever, but good quality classic pearl pendant or pair of diamond studs will stand the test of time.


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