You don't need the budget of a megastar in order to dress like one

14/06/2012 11:26

Love the look. Hate the price.
You don't need the budget of a megastar in order to dress like one. You just have to shop smart.

Stars look fabulous because they have their personal stylists to make sure they look amazing all the time. That is done by

choosing the right clothes and accessories that flatters the wearer herself.  Tiffany Cufflinks Outfits are put together specifically based on what

looks good on the wearer, not on someone else.

The trick is to know what suits you best. First, get to know yourself. Find out which colors make you look radiant. Which make

you look all washed out. Wear only the ones that make you look radiant and  Tiffany On Sale avoid the ones that make you look sickly, like plague.

Next, get to know your figure type. Are you angular or curvy?
Are you top heavy, bottom heavy or a balanced hourglass?

Take note of which clothing shapes flatter you and wear only the ones that make you look your very best.

Base your personal style on your coloring and shape and get only the clothing that fit both criteria. That way, you spend less

money because you will buy fewer items and will wear the ones that you buy more frequently, to a more fabulous effect.

Instead of wasting money on clothes that make you look terrible, that you Tiffany Rings Sale  might wear only once, and take it off after seeing how

you look in the mirror, you now have more money to spend on the few key pieces that make you look terrific.

What about bling?

Diamonds are a girl's best friend.

Glamorous celebs sashay down the red carpet wearing dazzling jewels.

A stunning necklace can turn a plain outfit into something utterly glamorous.

Your gorgeous new dress is not complete without a pair of beautiful earrings.

Tiffany is to die for. David Yurman rocks. Those gorgeous designs are made of Tiffany Bangles  diamonds set in platinum. Beautiful but very


Do you really need to buy diamonds and platinums from the most expensive jewellers for those stunning designs? Semi precious

stones should do the trick. Or if you want bling, try cubic zirconia set in silver.

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When you are searching for jewelry, it is harder to adjudge what blazon you should acquirement as there are so abounding altered pieces out there

13/06/2012 11:50

When you are searching for jewelry, it is harder to adjudge what blazon you should acquirement as there are so abounding altered pieces out there. Choosing a cast of adornment can be a big chore. Pandora Charms Cheap The next time you are aggravating to aces out a allowance for your mother, daughter, grandmother, aunt, sister or best friend, you should attending at the Pandora bracelets. When Pandora bracelets became accessible to the accepted public, they instantly became popular. Today, you will acquisition them getting awash beyond the globe. Pandora Alphabet Beads  They got abundant with every section of accouterment as they are actual fashionable. So, why do so abounding humans adulation these bracelets?

One of the affidavit why so abounding adulation these bracelets is because of the way they are made. No two Pandora bracelets out there are absolutely alike. Every armlet will authority a altered attending to it. You can airing into a allowance abounding  Pandora Jewelry Australia of humans cutting this adornment and they will apprehension it from anybody else's.

The Pandora bracelets can be customized. With these bracelets, you can  Pandora Silver Beads accomplish altered combinations with the altered charms. It all has to do with your taste. The customization starts with acrimonious the metal that you will be using. You can accept from the argent or the gold. Take agenda that the gold will be added expensive.

As time goes by, you will be able to add added charms to your bracelet. If you ambition to change them out, again you can do that. You can abject them on the blazon of affection you are in. Imagine accepting one armlet that has abounding  Pandora Bracelets altered looks.

Each our armlet you get will accept a acceptation to it. Some will beggarly abundance and money, while others beggarly adulation and happiness. One affair is for abiding and that is the actuality that Pandora bracelets accomplish abundant gifts.

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Among the range of its products, Louis Vuitton bags are sought after lots of people.

12/06/2012 10:36

Are you familiar with luxury brands? How many luxury brands can you burst out within Louis Vuitton Bags  one second? Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Prada, Hermes, Gucci etc. Among these brands, Louis Vuitton is the most welcomed brand which becomes the leading role, a large numerous people may have heard its name. Among the range of its products, Louis Vuitton bags are sought after lots of people.

Why this brand is ahead? LV brand always emphasizes on its traditional traveling brand. In 1854, the large trunks are its main products, the mains customers are well-known nobleman in the early stages, like Gabrielle Chanel, queen of India  Louis Vuitton Travel Bag and the French president, this noble consciousness gradually extend to the Hollywood and entertainment circle. In the movie Roman holiday, Audrey Hepburn carried a Louis Vuitton trunk for outing, in the reality life; she is truly the fan of Louis Vuitton bags. So many stars and rich people like it, which turn into the trend indicator.

LV isn't the fashion brand for a short while, it became the century classic representative, and the key reason lies in the aristocrat's quality, which means the superb quality. The most classical monogram series, its main lightweight canvas, the Louis Vuitton Top Handles  creation process is very complicated, this canvas is with high withstanding pressure, and great wear out resisting without distortion, and the patterns are intact. Almost all of the basic models are created basing on this canvas, and designed into different models with different purposes.

Along with the various developments of society and human culture, there are many kinds of Louis Vuitton bags on the market for our choice, just like mentioned above, monogram canvas is the basic model, others styles are designed on that  Louis Vuitton Travel basis, such as Vernis leather, multicolor, denim, mahina etc. It blends the classical and fashionable elements, in order to keep spaces with time and satisfy more and more people's needs.

These kinds of bags feature by the exquisite workmanship, perfect design from the whole to every detail, latest and diverse fashion style and timeless style. The designers are focused on the traditional values of travel brand, and more attention on the Cheap Louis Vuitton Handbags  brand culture. Nowadays, we might say that this brand is known to the great majority of people, as the major force of this collection, Louis Vuitton bags do excellent job.

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With a abundant bulk of alternatives if because suitcases, we're frequently confronted with not absolutely alive which to adjudge on.

11/06/2012 10:22

With a abundant bulk of alternatives if because suitcases, we're frequently confronted with not absolutely alive which to adjudge on. A lot of humans acquisition themselves getting adapted to aces up and go, no bulk whether it is for plan or artlessly a abrupt brief getaway. A abundant biking attache could possibly be too large. In this instance you can consistently get yourself a superb covering  Louis Vuitton Travel weekend bag which is ideal for that brief trip.

These types of weekend accoutrements absolutely are great. All of them amuse the allocation prerequisites pertaining to backpack on accoutrements for the above airline carriers. This absolutely is ideal as you can in fact backpack it on lath rather than accepting to anguish about the charge to analysis your biking luggage. Additionally, you don't accept adhere about for it to be unloaded at the end of one's cruise acceptance you to apace leave and admit your cruise in the minimum bulk of time. You may aswell get abroad from accepting to pay any Louis Vuitton Clutches  accoutrements accuse which some of the airline carriers appoint for anniversary account of baggage. All these accoutrements will aswell be just the affair for afoot by way of auto as able-bodied as by train. They don't use up a abundant accord of allowance and can be actual calmly stowed away.

You'll acquisition abundant variations for accustomed covering weekend bags. The bendable chic architecture of 100% covering accoutrements and carriers will advice accomplish one biking in style. There are several types for both women and men. Some are abundant to aid in befitting able allowance for accoutrement and actualization accessories for any end of the anniversary or conceivably brief escape. Many can be purchased complete with accumulator compartments and organisers to backpack just about annihilation of adapted size.

For gentlemen, you'll acquisition accoutrements bogus from Italian accustomed leather, addle forth with added styles of leather. A bulk of gents accoutrements ability accept the physician/doctor case appearance, calm with affluence of wallets and airy duke holds to carry. These kinds of carriers about accommodate a added bunched biking bag advised for gents toiletries. They may even accept a Louis Vuitton Handbags Cheap  handle enabling you to adhere it from a aperture and will disentangle for quick and simple access. In accession there are covering fabricated attache accoutrements with affluence of amplitude for accoutrement forth with an alfresco anchorage advised alone for footwear. Most of these accoutrements will extend for added space. For guys there are aswell weekend accoutrements with baby auto and abandoning scope handles to calmly manoeuvre and cope with your accoutrements if travelling through anarchic and animated areas.

For ladies, there's aswell a advanced alternative of covering weekend bags. A abundant bulk of these carriers will aswell be fabricated out of 100% covering while application affected designs. These types of carriers are about big abundant for those items  Cheap Louis Vuitton Bags that absolutely are a have to for around any women active in the avant-garde day. Some examples like the mens are weekend accoutrements with the trolley auto for affluence and accessibility to move calmly from abode to place. The acceptable actualization and architecture of the baggage calm with 4 accommodation to backpack every little affair additional continuing to accumulate it accurate and tidy, abundant with covering handles. and straps.

You will acquisition covering weekend accoutrements at a ample bulk of shops and online stores.  Louis Vuitton Outlet Sale Should you be analytic for a artist bag, you should analysis out Louis Vuitton, Gucci as able-bodied as added able-bodied accepted top actualization designers. There are affluence of places which banal covering accoutrements at a bargain price.

If you would like to see the huge ambit of covering any added weekend accoutrements that you can acquirement in a abundant alternative of colours, sizes, styles and designs again arch over to our abundance for added details.

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Women can roam about freely when they wear this kind of jewelry

08/06/2012 15:09

Women can not live without jewelry especially when there is a wide variety to choose from. There are many off-line and online stores which deal in the latest trendy jewelry for women who are interested. In regards to online stores, a majority of women are unaware of the fact that these stores are a veritable source of items of jewelry. They stock all kinds of items and sell them at reasonable prices. People pay a lot of Pandora Beads Australia  attention to their dressing style these days. The personality of a person is enhanced by fashion jewelry and helps one to look stylish and cool. Most women the world over love to wear designer ornaments. This is the reason why they are extremely popular today.

Fashion jewelry employs accessories made keeping women in mind. Of course, fashion jewelry is cheaper as compared to real jewels. But this does not mean that this type of jewelry is free or cheap. In fact, fashion jewelry is well tarnished and colored so that it looks extremely attractive. Recession is the reason why the incidents of thefts and robberies at an all-time high which is why women are fashion conscious and wise and prefer wearing fashion jewelry.

One need not be afraid of thefts or robberies when one is wearing fashion jewelry. Women can roam about freely when they wear this kind of jewelry. It also makes them look extremely stylish. If you Pandora Silver Beads  are interested in purchasing these jewelries, you will come across several sources that deal in these ornaments. The best choice would be online stores as they have a huge range and an enormous variety of ornaments.

One will come across many leading outlets and jewelry shops where one will be able to find similar designs and styles but the range might not be as varied and huge as in the online stores because Pandora Bracelets Sale  the latter tends to have a good stock. Even women find it comfortable to deal with the online stores because they know that they will get what their heart desires.

Ornaments of fashion silver jewelry are extremely affordable and can be bought by anyone either from off-line or online stores. If one has to purchase a huge amount of jewelry, one could approach Pandora Charms Sale  wholesale stores. Women find it interesting to purchase from wholesale stores that are online because they have nearly all kinds of jewelry available to fulfill women's desires. One can come across numerous styles and designs in such stores.

It is to the advantage of the customer to shop in online wholesale stores because one can browse through a huge selection of accessories and ornaments depending on one's choice and taste Pandora Sale . Women will be able to choose from an enormous collection of silver chains, rings, bracelets, necklaces and bangles. These items are to be found in glamorous and attractive designs at affordable prices. One can avail of an assortment of designs, styles and colors in all the available categories.

One should consider a few things before approaching a dealer to in fashion jewelry. One should look into the experience as well as reputation of the wholesaler. You could do business with them without batting an eyelid if he has been a part of the jewelry business since a long time because you will be guaranteed of fashion jewelry of the highest quality.

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Unless you adopt atramentous debris bags

07/06/2012 10:57

There are dozens of bag types on today's bazaar for any break whether you biking or go to a party. Today it is not just a

plain bag anymore.

It can be a apparel and computer case, camera and corrective bag, beautiful Coach Louis Vuitton Bags Sale  handbag, Louis Vuitton purse and Roxy backpack. You

can acquisition accoutrements advised for men, women, kids, professionals, sportsmen, and even animals!

Though if you travel, there accept to be something a bit added sophisticated. Many travelers adopt failing luggage. Because

you can backpack added after beyond backpack on weight limit.

Hard ancillary accoutrements is an abnormally acceptable best for all-embracing travel. If you do any bulk of traveling, you apperceive the

importance of abiding bag. Abiding harder ancillary accoutrements protects a bag's capacity  Louis Vuitton UK Handbags bigger than a lot of added accoutrements styles.

The a lot of accepted band-aid is bag on wheels. Even if you anticipate you will not do abundant walking with your baggage, auto accommodate a

convenience that is angry in a lot of situations.

Nowadays added and added humans adopt appearance to applied use of a bag. They generally opt to go for appearance artist accoutrements accepting

Louis Vuitton tastes but a Skyway budget.

Many humans adore purchasing a artist accoutrements knockoff over the  Louis Vuitton UK Bags 18-carat articles. The primary application is absolutely the

cost of these knockoffs. A artist accoutrements knockoff may advertise for as little as 5% of the amount of accurate items. Accepted bag

knockoffs cover purses, handbags and added baby bags

Unless you adopt atramentous debris bags, beautiful artist accoutrements will advice you access in accurate appearance and appearance if the appearance characterization is

what absolutely affairs to you.

The absolute sets of bendable and harder accoutrements and handbags are now accessible  Cheap Louis Vuitton Womens Bags from a accoutrements artist in added active colors like - ablaze

red, green, dejected and burgundy, floral prints, added than the accepted accepted grey, atramentous and brown.

You can acquisition a lot of accoutrements offered in a advanced array of abstracts including suede, denim, nylon or even metal. These abstracts alter

in purpose and benefits. You can even account some accoutrements that are waterproof, if you're assuredly traveling on that scuba trip!

Many harder and bendable suitcases, backpack on, haversack models by a appearance artist are fabricated accessible with aggregate locks. Added

durable and advantageous attributes of artist accoutrements cover organized interiors with abstracted compartments for accustomed CDs,

floppies, atom bags.

If you are a austere adventurer who takes several trips a year, unless you can allow an acutely priced accumulating of Gucci

bags, again you will apparently bigger off traveling for a reliable accumulating of well-designed beautiful artist accoutrements from one of the

lower-priced, specialty bag manufacturers.

Many bag food backpack the complete curve of about any above cast name designer. Manufacturers that aftermath appearance accoutrements

include American Tourister, Andiamo, Atlantic, Kenneth Cole, High Sierra,  Louis Vuitton UK Sale Pierre Cardin, Travelpro, Victorinox, Zero Halliburton

and Diane Von Furstenberg.

Stylish artist accoutrements can be just the affair to complete a person's all-embracing outfit, and portray a assertive attending of success. And

while a accumulating of appearance accoutrements can attending great, you are added generally than not paying for the characterization to be on the bag, rather

than the superior of the bags.

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Rhinestones are a accustomed occurring abnormality begin in river beds

06/06/2012 10:31

The appropriate chaplet added to any accouterments can be the absolute pièce de résistance. For women all about the world, accessorizing is an important allotment of bathrobe and is all about authoritative a admirable statement. The ambit of jewelery and in accurate necklaces, has never been beyond and harder  Pandora Alphabet Beads to baddest from and that is why I consistently acclaim allotment a admirable best chaplet to complete your look.

The acumen for this is not alone can you be affirmed no one abroad will be cutting something similar, but, they are visually stunning, about fabricated from attractive colors, you just wont get with the latest collections. What contributes to the character of a best necklace, are the colors, the style, and the materials, a lot of of which are about fabricated of thermoset, lucite, or rhinestones.

Thermoset and Lucite are both altered varieties of thermo- plastics and if analytic for these best pieces it is important to remember, they were a lot of accepted in the 1950's and 1960's. If you wish something ablaze and colorful, that will absolutely angle out, again a thermoset chaplet is absolutely the way to go. The abundant  Pandora Silver Beads affair about these necklaces, is they can be beat added accidentally again the rhinestone pieces that are aswell actual popular.

Rhinestones are a accustomed occurring abnormality begin in river beds.The aboriginal rhinestones, were bedrock crystals aggregate from the River Rhine, appropriately the name. Today a rhinestone is rarely from the Rhine as the ability was acutely depleted and scientists came up with added and bigger means to actualize rhinestones. Scientists eventually started authoritative rhinestones from glass, adhesive or gem quartz and the accomplished superior rhinestones that can be bought today are fabricated from quartz crystal.

Rhinestone necklaces are apparently the easiest best chaplet to acquisition and you can aswell acquisition these in a array of colors, although they will not be as blithely atramentous as the thermoset and lucite pieces. Rhinestone necklaces are dressier, as they are simple affected pieces that are advised to be Pandora Bracelets  beat with gowns and adorned dresses. The absolute accent for a marriage outfit, whether you are the helpmate or just an attendee. If cutting rhinestone necklaces you ability accept one that is advised an Aurora Borealis rhinestone.

In 1775 an Alsatian jeweler by the name of Georg Friedrich Strass had the abstraction to imitate precious stones by blanket the lower ancillary of bottle with metal powder. Which is why rhinestones are alleged about alleged Strass in abounding European languages. In 1955, the Aurora Borealis or Aqua aura, a thin, vacuum-sputtered brownish blanket activated to clear stones to aftermath an irised effect, was introduced. (possibly by Swarovski, I couldn't acquisition a audible acknowledgment on this one, but it does assume they were responsible) Aurora Borealis tends to reflect whatever blush is beat abreast it, and that is why it was called afterwards the Aurora Borealis atmospheric phenomenon, aswell accepted as the "Northern Lights"

An Aurora Borealis rhinestone chaplet is the abutting affair you can get if absent to charm a design effect, abounding humans wont even be able to acquaint the difference. They are a admirable best and absolute for anyone who doesn't accept the money to buy absolute diamonds. Best necklaces in this appearance are aswell Pandora Charms Cheap actual simple to acquisition and I acquisition they go best with a archetypal little atramentous dress as the animation adjoin the atramentous dress absolutely stands out.

Regardless of area your rhinestones were produced, what appearance or color, you will charge to handle them anxiously to bouncer adjoin damage. While autumn your rhinestones, never  Pandora Jewelry Australia abode them contiguous because they will calmly scratch; consistently abundance them alone or abode tissue amid the rhinestone pieces. To apple-pie your rhinestones, anxiously administer a Q-tip biconcave in abrading alcohol.

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Want to go for the chunky bridal necklace that enhance your neckline and add a touch of grandeur to your wedding gown?

05/06/2012 10:24

Are you a bride who wants the perfect wedding jewelry that will make you look modern, yet retain traditional values? Nothing else than pearl bridal jewelry sets can do that wonder. Timeless elegance and beauty are unique aspects of pearl bridal jewelry from My Wedding Jewelry.

Be it the vintage Victorian White Pearl Bridal Jewelry Necklace Set or the modern In The Grey Jewelry Set, you name it and you can get it here. Pearls have been a part of wedding jewelry for many centuries. Pearl bridal jewelry sets retain  Cheap Tiffany their sheen even after many years of use and make you nostalgic every time you wear them.

Want to go for the chunky bridal necklace that enhance your neckline and add a touch of grandeur to your wedding gown? The Ivory Pearl Wedding Jewelry Set, the Triple Strand Necklace, and the Victorian Chunky Jewelry will accentuate your gown. Tiffany Keys  All these bridal pearl necklaces are intermingled with high-quality crystals, rhinestones, CZ diamonds, and much more.

Necklaces with heavy pendants that are aesthetically arranged in simple single strand are very trendy today. The Round CZ and Freshwater Necklace is very stylish with its freshwater pearls set in a silver strand with rhodium finish. Tiffany Inspired Bridal Jewelry  Tiffany Watches Necklace Set that has a dipping silver strand with a large pearl set in CZ diamonds is a lovely Tiffany replica.

Complete your look with unique and attractive pearl earrings available. Round CZ and Freshwater Pearl Earrings and Flower CZ Sterling Silver Earrings are some of the lovely earrings available. Match your pearl earrings with the Rhinestone Flower and Faux Pearl Tiffany Sets  Silver Plated Bracelet or the Personalized Romance Pearl Bracelet.

Bridal jewelry will make you look gorgeous and feel gorgeous as well. This will give you the much needed confidence to be the perfect bride and host. Complements are sure to pour in from friends and relatives as you walk down the aisle and say the "I do".

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It became very popular among rock and heavy metal followers. Wristbands or cuffs as they were known were predominantly black

04/06/2012 10:13

 Leather wristbands have evolved over time. In the late 60's early 70's the wristbands was very popular among hippies. It was a conventional method to express one's self by wearing self made clothes and accessories of earthy tone colors. Leather Wristbands were predominantly hand tooled and coated with either leather dye or paint.

In the late 70's early 80's the wristband took a  Pandora Australia  different direction. It became very popular among rock and heavy metal followers. Wristbands or cuffs as they were known were predominantly black, red, and white heavily covered with metallic spikes, studs, and pyramids.

Not much happen in the 90's for leather  Pandora Beads Australia  wristbands until the turn of the new century when the art of accessorizing took a leap. Images of the 60's type wristband started to show up again but with a new twist. Designers and Leather Craftsmen were getting creative with their Pandora Charms Australia wristband designs, finding new ways to highlight the wrist and out came the wrap around bracelet.

Thin in width between 1/2 inch to an 1 inch, and between 16 inches to 32 inches in length, wrap around bracelets is what is IN for your wrist. They look stylish on your wristband and fit both men and women of different wrist sizes.

Some leather wraps are plain, while other are more Pandora Bracelets Australia  decorative using rhinestones and gems. You can do a Google search for leather wrap bracelets to find some really cool stuff.

I would stay away from leather wrap bracelets that are less than an inch wide as they tend to break / tear easily. Also avoid wrap around bracelets that are less than 16 inches long as they will not go around  Pandora Beads Stones your wrist more than once. The whole idea is for leather wrap bracelets to go around your wrist twice or more.

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Although it is being brought to the forefront thanks to thieves stealing the catalytic converters

31/05/2012 11:58

The oldest record of platinum use is as an inlay in ancient Egypt. However, the Egyptians though it was a variation of electrum, (a natural blend of gold and silver.) Native Americans used it for centuries in small decorative objects. Platinum was unknown to Europeans until Spanish discovered it in Columbia. The Spanish called it platina, meaning little silver. It was not identified as a new metal until the 1700's. The metal was introduced into Europe from South America in the middle of the eighteenth century. Tiffany On Sale  It is always found in association with other metals, chiefly Rhodium, Osmium, Iridium, Palladium.

Platinum is one of the rarest and purest precious metals in the world. The perfect jewelry material for these fortuitous times, Platinum is regarded by many as a "new" metal. Platinum has been held in high regard as a symbol of wealth and nobility, the true worth of Platinum was underappreciated until the eighteenth century, when the Europeans began to recognize Platinum's beauty. As a matter of fact, France's Louis XVI proclaimed it the only metal fit for royalty. Legendary jewelers such as Cartier, Tiffany BanglesFaberge and Tiffany created their timeless designs in platinum. The world's famous diamonds, including the Hope and Koh-l-Noor, are secured permanently in platinum.

Platinum reached its peak of popularity in the early 1900s, when it was the preferred metal for all fine jewelry in America. It dominated the world of jewelry design during the Edwardian era, the Art Deco period and well into the 1930s. At the onset of World War II, however, the U.S. government declared platinum a 'strategic' metal and its use in non-military applications, including jewelry, was banned.

Very few countries have platinum supplies, with South Africa (80%) and Russia (11%) accounting for approximately 90% of the world's supply. The yearly production from these mines is only 150 tons, which is 1/25 of the yearly production of gold. Moreover, the amount of platinum that can be produced from raw ore is relatively small. To make a single small ring of approximately 3 grams requires approximately Tiffany Rings Sale  1 ton of raw ore.

Today, platinum is much more valuable than gold. Although it is used in many industrial applications, including the automotive industry, platinum jewelry consistently commands higher prices than even pure gold because of its rarity.

Two of the best ways to find the cheapest scrap platinum is through catalytic converters and scrap platinum jewelry. Due to the prices of platinum being so high as of late, a lot of people are becoming victims of thieves who steal their catalytic converters. It used to be you had to worry about your rims, stereos and gps systems, well not anymore.

A catalytic converter is used to reduce the toxicity of emissions from an internal combustion engine. They were first introduced on cars in the US market for the 1975 model year to comply with tightening EPA regulations on auto exhaust. Each catalytic converter contains between three and seven grams of platinum. Not a bad catch if you can find one legally. Catalytic converters are also used on generator sets, forklifts, mining equipment, trucks, buses, trains, and other engine-equipped machines.

From the scrap yards, the converters make their way into the metal-recycling industry, where the platinum and other precious elements, including palladium and rhodium, are removed and used to build high-tech machinery, including more catalytic converters.

Although it is being brought to the forefront thanks to thieves stealing the catalytic converters, platinum still seams to be the big unknown in  Tiffany Cufflinks scrap metal. Some great places to find old catalytic converters for scarp are the local junk yards, online classifieds, such as Craiglist, US Freeads and Kiji. Another great place, as usual is Ebay. Some people even find them at flee markets and garage sales. The trick is once you get them, finding refiners that will pay decent scrap metal prices for the platinum. It will be less than what the price of platinum is due to the fact that they have to extract it, that price is passed on to you.

Now there is a second way to find the cheapest scrap platinum and that is through jewelry. Again the best places to find great deals on platinum jewelry is through the flee market and garage sales, followed by Craigslist, Us Freeads, Kiji and Ebay. Or if you are really resourceful you can invest in a metal detector and hope for the best.

What is so great about scrap platinum jewelry? Well, the number of knowledgeable buyers and sellers are low. Most people don't understand that platinum jewelry is 90% platinum and that the other 10% is made up of a platinum group metal. If you call around to your local pawnshops, scrap metal dealers, junk yards, coins shops, and jewelers, you'll find that most of them are paying about the same for platinum jewelry as 14k gold and some may pay close to what they pay for 18k gold. They are taking advantage of most of the sellers out there who just don't understand what they have.

If you find the cheap scrap platinum that you are looking for then your next step is to locate a platinum refiner preferably in your area and get their schedule or purchase prices. Your goal is to locate a refiner who will pay you for the "residual" values in your scrap alloy. The key is that you will need to guarantee that you'll be providing a minimum of 10 to 12 Troy ounces in order to be paid for all your metal rather than just the 90% platinum.

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